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Aug 12, 2022
In Questions & Answers
Dear all, I have a quick question for CSF protein results. When the CSF samples have many RBCs due to traumatic tap, there is a possibility of falsely high protein level which would need some corrections. Is "CSF protein increased 0.011 g/L for every increase of 1000 CSF RBCs per mm3" valid? Please see the attached published paper for details. Take a CSF protein of 0.5 g/L as an example, the difference of 0.011g/L (2SD) would mean a precision of 1%. This is impossible for the current laboratory analyzer to achieve. What is your thought? The conclusion from this paper is that CSF protein correction adds no significant diagnostic value when used alone or in combination with WBC correction. But I think we shouldn't advocate for correction for CSF protein at all due to the poor precision of the assay. Could you please share with me your thoughts? If you could let me know what lab instrument is used in your lab and also the precision of the CSF total protein, that would be great! Many thanks, Li

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